Mississippi Health Information Network (MS-HIN) is a health information organization (HIO) network that connects hospitals, federally-qualified health clinics, primary care providers (PCPs), specialists, and more. The goal of MS-HIN is to coordinate, facilitate, and support the adoption of Health IT solutions in order to reduce costs as well as improve medical outcomes and the overall health for all Mississippians. The initial capabilities offered to registered providers include secure messaging, exchanging referrals, sending results, reports and other patient care documentation including summary of care records between PCPs and specialists. In addition, transmitting PCP referrals and patient care documentation and/or summary care records to hospitals and sending discharge information from hospitals back to referring PCPs.

Get a secure health domain address (similar to an email address) today to begin collaborating with peers. Registered providers will be able to use apps running in their office on Medicity's iNexx platform to exchange referrals and clinical documentation with any other provider registered with a HISP.
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